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Plan design is not set in stone. It should evolve throughout the life of the plan. Using comparison studies, changing design features, and different contribution types, Ohio Pension Services helps Plan Sponsers optimize their plan. Better plan design leads to better future benefits.


From industry-standard prototypes to individually designed plan documents, Ohio Pension Services will deliver the right documents you need to create and maintain your qualified plan.


At Ohio Pension Services, we interact with clients to monitor the operation of the plan. OPS provides a wide range of administrative services:

Law and Regulation

Congress is constantly changing pension law. Using our relationships with national pension organizations, Ohio Pension Services monitors all changes and keeps clients informed, enabling Plan Sponsors to make appropriate changes.

Teminations and Mergers

When plans will be merged or are no longer needed, Ohio Pension Services handles all aspects of plan valuation, asset allocation, participant disclosures, distribution processing, and government reporting.