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Defined Contribution Plan Administration and Services

Full service for every type of D.C. plan

Plan Document Services

Plan Document Preparation
Plan Amendments
Summary Plan Descriptions
IRS Determination Letters

Keeping Employees Informed

Individual Account/Benefit Statements
Vesting Calculations
Summary Annual Reports

Meeting Employer Needs

Plan Contribution Calculations
Full Compliance Testing & Reports
Participant Eligibility

Government Reports

IRS Form 5500 and Schedules
SSA Reports

Compliance Testing

401(k)/401(m) Testing
402(g) Deferral Limits
415 Annual Addition Limits
404 Deductible Limit
416 Top-Heavy Status
410(b) Minimum Coverage Requirement
Age 70-½ Minimum Required Distributions


Loans & Hardship Withdrawls
Separation from Employment Distributions
Lump Sum/Annuity Calculations
1099-R IRS Distributions Reports
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Plan Termination Services

When your plan is no longer needed.